What is Alexander Technique?

What is the Alexander Technique?

It comes from the name of the founder-Frederick Matthias Alexander who was a young Australian actor around the end of the 19th century. In the middle of his successful acting career, he suffered the repeated loss of his voice. Through his objective and deep observation of himself, he found that the throat problem was not the only cause of loss of his voice, but the whole way he habitually used his body affected his voice problem. For example, pulling his head back, shortening the spine, increasing the pressure on the throat. By understanding the way he habitually used his body, he developed a method to re-educate his whole body into a better alignment and usage, and then, not only his specific problem with the throat disappeared, but also his general health improved. It could be said that this is a discovery of the way we human are built to function. 

The Seven Principles of the Alexander Technique




4.      MEANS-WHEREBY (as opposed to END-GAINING)




What happens in an individual lesson?

              Your teacher will use explanation and a guiding touch to help you rediscover balance and ease within yourself. You start by working with simple movements and positions-such as sitting, walking, or bending the knees- which are the basic to all activity. Through experience and observation, you learn how your coordination works-how you create tension and how you can prevent or release it. This awareness enables you to change long-standing habits and function more efficiently. In time and with practice you will be able to use your new understanding and skill in more complex and demanding activities and situation in your daily life. You can bring awareness and poise to anything that you do.

During your course of lessons, you can learn how to

Be poised and stand tall, without stiffness. Move gracefully and precisely, with greater ease Be alert and focused, and calm at the same time Be more self-aware and coordinated from moment to moment. So your effort is appropriate to the task at hand In this way, you can avoid discomfort and strain in your daily life and favourite activities, and prevent wear and tear on your body. In short, you can perform better and achieve more, while wasting less energy

How do we learn the Alexander Technique?
You learn the Alexander Technique mainly through one-to-one lessons with a teacher. This setting provides the best opportunity for your individual needs to be addressed. The number of lessons you take will depend on your particular needs and goals, and these can be discussed with the teacher. Learning the Alexander Technique involves changing long-standing habits, so improvement relies on your active participation. A course of 20 to 30 lessons can provide a good foundation for on-going self-discovery for most people.